When Sodastream came to I2D they had reliable home soda machines but as a brand they were losing ground and failed to appeal to a more sophisticated and design-oriented audience.


The challenge

The challenge was to redefine the soda experience and design a premium and iconic product to enhance brand perception and enter new markets.



I2D conducted in-depth research and observations with consumers to identify key opportunities thatĀ formed the basis for a new strategy. The design strategy aimed to reposition Sodastream as a sophisticated beverage brand. This was achieved with distinct iconic design, clean simple shapes and premium materials that support a more elevated experience.



The two part configuration makes replacement of the gas cylinder much easier and user friendly. In addition the removable head facilitates dish washer cleaning. The Pure is based on existing mechanical components and still achieves improved ergonomics simple bottle attachment.


The Design

The design of the Pure was a process to define an icon. We started with an exploration of archetypical shapes deriving inspiration from traditional soda fountain taps. The geometric oval shape became the new visual signature and the basis for the design language. The brushed stainless steel provided a sense of quality associated with refined kitchen appliances.


The Outcome

The Pure was developed in a record 8 months from initial concept to full scale production and allowed Sodastream to re-position the brand. Within a few years the company expanded form a $10 million to a billion dollar company.

The Pure received the Red Dot design award.